From the Gasthof Ursprung to the Ursprungs Panorama Hotel

in the town of Königsleiten

Here, where father Alois Hölzl established the foundation for the build of the ski village of Königsleiten in 1968, the Gasthof Ursprung was erected by Thomas and Elisabeth Hölzl in 1976.

The Gasthof Ursprung eventually became the Hotel Ursprung, and in 2020, one generation later, the Ursprungs Panorama Hotel was created.

Comfort at Königsleitens beautiful, panoramic spots

Ursprungs Panorama Hotel

The innovative hoteliers and hosts Patrick and Jutta Hölzl already are the second generation of hotel keepers at hte Ursprungs Panorama Hotel, and they will make sure, that you are enjoying your stay here wholeheartedly.

A dreamy view, culinary pleasures, an elegant ambience will guarantee the harmony of both body and soul.