With the family in the Königsleiten mountain world

The "Königsleiten summit world"

At the summit station of the Königsleiten village railway we emerge into a mysterious world of legends.

You might even get a glimpse of the wild women, or spot the flying chamois sunning themselves on the roof of the alm hut. Just like the good-hearted dairymaid, you’re sure to be rewarded if you are compassionate and don’t ignore the hungry. A gift doesn’t always mean putting treasure into a bag; often a heartfelt thank you is appreciated just as much. And what about the Kröndlwurm in the lake? You don’t need to be scared of it. If you catch a glimpse of its golden crown, you might be in line for untold riches!
Given all the mythical and slightly spooky inhabitants of the Königsleiten summit world, it's reassuring to know about the "Witches' Bell" in the church tower at Wald. It can be depended upon to drive away all the wild witches who like to fly in thunderstorms and hailstorms.

If that’s not enough for you,

then try the Gipfelliner which lets you fly out over the Kröndlwurm Lake as if you were a witch yourself. And in the nature playground the children will find water and stones so that they can discover for themselves how important nature is for us.
And then there’s also the Königsleiten Yodel Hiking Trail for everyone who would like to learn to yodel so well that the herdsman at the nearest alm hut can hear you.